Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Explained

  • Published: 08 March 2019
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    How is Game of Thrones Season 8 connected to Season 1? Will Jon Snow ride a dragon? How will Daenerys react to news of Jon’s true parents? Who will fight in the battle against white walkers at Winterfell? How is Game of Thrones inspired by Lord of the Rings? What is Arya Stark afraid of? Who are the Golden Company?

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    Images and video from Game of Thrones used under fair use.
    Images from The World of Ice and Fire used with permission from Random House.
    Golden Company art by Urukki Saki, Jon dream art by Guillem H. Pongiluppi

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X   7 months back

    We held a big livestream right after the S8 trailer came out - and we'll do more streams after each S8 episode. Subscribe and press the bell to be notified next time!

    • Tom Wiech
      Tom Wiech  7 months back

      one of the trailers for season 8 shows wildfire! i think that wildfire will play an instrumental role in the showdown to come! they can douse the area just north of winterfell with it and send a flaming arrow in once the walkers are above it. what do you think?

    • Son of a Glitch
      Son of a Glitch  7 months back

      The White Walkers:
      *Can only be killed by Obsidian. *Slaughtered 300 all-in-black crows
      *Only let dead people join their army.
      *Are invading and occupying a foreign country.
      *Annihilating a cannon-fodder-army of mostly Dothraki, & Westerosi peasants...

      They're obviously *racist,*
      And *classist,* And *genocidal...*


      But Worse still:
      *All male,
      *Radically pro-life, (forcing, young mothers to give birth before taking their baby into their care... Except girls.
      **Rape culture* encourage incest rape, therefore obviously haven't seen the Gillette commercial...


      Note: #NotAllWhiteWalkers _we must be respectful of their apolyptic culture, as only a tiny minority of extremists will lead to extinction..._

    • Riccardo Bianchini
      Riccardo Bianchini  7 months back

      Why didn't White Walkers kill Samwell Tarly?

    • Rasmus Møller Blangsbøll
      Rasmus Møller Blangsbøll  7 months back

      For the april fools video, you should do a theory on what podrick really did to those prostitutes haha

  • Edith Ottilia
    Edith Ottilia  2 months back

    this is so sad to watch after seeing the season

    • Krystof Verbik
      Krystof Verbik  5 months back

      6:10 "Game of Thrones Director said he study the Helms Deep battle for this episode" (Long Night).... Im speechless. They took two years off, they prepared (suposedly) and this is what they came up with? I dont understand... just, sad :///

      • nd4spd
        nd4spd  5 months back

        The storyline is just not what many expected, and although I even have some grievances with the direction the storytelling has gone, I think characterising it as ruined or horrendous is hyperbolic nonsense.

      • stick
        stick  5 months back

        The battle itself was amazing and the director did a good job, it's just d&d that fucked up the storylines

      • nd4spd
        nd4spd  5 months back

        That specifies nothing.

      • Krystof Verbik
        Krystof Verbik  5 months back

        @nd4spd about the episode.... It was terrible

      • nd4spd
        nd4spd  5 months back

        What exactly are you complaining about here?

    • Слободан Милошевић

      11:09 is vayris

      • Arcus Cerebellumus
        Arcus Cerebellumus  5 months back

        So fucking disappointing. And previous season too. think I'mana skip the series ending and just wait for the books to come out...

        • Roaming Thereal
          Roaming Thereal  6 months back

          10:45 This pretty much sums up everything. Where are my goddamn elephants?

          • Steven Pick
            Steven Pick  6 months back

            4:55 Oh, Gendry "reunited" with Arya alright

            • Melon Pupper
              Melon Pupper  6 months back

              "But hopefully there will also be time for Gendry to reunite with his old friend, Arya."

              Oh they reunited alright...

            • Hugh James-Berry
              Hugh James-Berry  6 months back

              The Red Woman told Arya 'we will meet again...' so idk if she dies. but dude! you predicted everything right so far!

              • User Name
                User Name  6 months back

                The show's directors are ripping off LotR like GRRM wasn't already inspired by it.

                • nd4spd
                  nd4spd  5 months back

                  "almost like"
                  "wasn't already"

                • User Name
                  User Name  5 months back

                  @nd4spd note that I said GRRM was inspired by it. I also said the directors were ripping of LotR which they are and they are admitting it. But I do not recall saying that it is a bad thing. Hell, they are even crediting LotR for it!

                • nd4spd
                  nd4spd  5 months back

                  Weird, it's almost like a suitable sharing of artistic sources is a bad thing to you.

              • What Me Worry
                What Me Worry  6 months back

                Basically the mountain is already dead so it would be interesting to see what if at all the white-walkers can do to him and more interestingly if Qyburn can do one zombie why can’t he make thousands more to fight the walkers? kind of a dead army vs a dead army, the night king vs Cerci

                • blurrygirl06
                  blurrygirl06  6 months back

                  Thank the old Gods Tormund and Beric survived!

                  • Baldina Kate
                    Baldina Kate  6 months back

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                    • Khaled Ratul
                      Khaled Ratul  6 months back

                      Arya is smug. Cersi is smug. Dany is smug. Jon is Emo. Sansa is Emo. Bran is Super-Emo

                      They should've started a band this season.

                      • Sander Denayer
                        Sander Denayer  6 months back

                        Seems like 90% of the trailer already appeared in the first episode. Good.

                        • Hot Bachs
                          Hot Bachs  6 months back

                          No Elephant action, it would seem.

                          • Inspiring Arrow
                            Inspiring Arrow  6 months back

                            People who actually believe Cersei is pregnant with a 4th child... idk how you can believe it with her prophecy stating she’d only have 3 children... I honestly think she’s grasping at anything she can to hold Jaime... does anyone else think she’s lying or am I totally blind?

                            • nd4spd
                              nd4spd  5 months back

                              Or... she'll die

                          • Johnkeav
                            Johnkeav  6 months back

                            Due to the prophecy of Cersei only have three children.... i wonder if her unborn child is dead...or will be born dead, and will then become a Wight when the Night King is near and ultimately kill her during birth

                            • nd4spd
                              nd4spd  5 months back

                              Or... she'll die

                          • ChrisViral Vlogs
                            ChrisViral Vlogs  6 months back

                            Well... RIP elephants

                            • 030405as
                              030405as  6 months back

                              Sorry, no elephants...

                              • Hair Care Specialist
                                Hair Care Specialist  6 months back

                                lol amazing

                                • Anthony Singh
                                  Anthony Singh  6 months back

                                  This analysis was awesome. Loved it

                                  • Hasti
                                    Hasti  6 months back

                                    I think Bran will tell Jon about his Targarian blood in the 5th episode.

                                    • Neneh Agan
                                      Neneh Agan  6 months back

                                      Got 8 is 2 days away 🍾🍾🍾

                                      • Michael Sweeney
                                        Michael Sweeney  6 months back

                                        Anyone realize Jaime's sword is called "Widow Wail" and Cersei is still considered a Widow since she never married after King Robert died is this possible that this theorizing that he will indeed kill her!?

                                        • Jutta Maier
                                          Jutta Maier  6 months back

                                          If the night king is capable of riding a dragon, does that mean he is Targaryan?

                                          • Kleo Zane
                                            Kleo Zane  6 months back

                                            Jutta Maier No, he's just badass

                                        • Money Mule
                                          Money Mule  6 months back

                                          Varys has gone from the confident, all knowing, spider to some mere mortal with no balls lol

                                          • Money Mule
                                            Money Mule  6 months back

                                            Every interview for GoT I've seen has has been them saying how big the ending is. I'm going to predict it ENDS. like no one survives, the world doesn't continue, it just ends.

                                            • William Pozehl
                                              William Pozehl  6 months back

                                              So hyped for Sunday!

                                              • Sharat Sachin
                                                Sharat Sachin  6 months back

                                                Okay. So at 1:28, me being colorblind, see no difference at all between the dragons. Are you saying that one is red and the other is green?

                                                • emjayphil23 unstopable
                                                  emjayphil23 unstopable  6 months back

                                                  more episode please not just eight episode make 20 episode more!!!! the story is too good and then i enjoyed also the nudes hehe

                                                  • Jennifer Butler
                                                    Jennifer Butler  6 months back

                                                    so good

                                                    • nick valentino
                                                      nick valentino  6 months back

                                                      I'm calling it now, Jon is on Rhaegal's back at 1:46 they just edited him out for the trailer

                                                    • t mac
                                                      t mac  6 months back

                                                      Why does it have to end for Cersei?? Is she really pregnant???
                                                      Shes smart and conning,,,
                                                      Maybe she’s sitting on the Throne at the very end????????

                                                      • t mac
                                                        t mac  6 months back

                                                        Don’t use the word zombie,,,
                                                        They’ll never say the word!!!

                                                        • Felipe Carlos
                                                          Felipe Carlos  6 months back


                                                          • Faeryn Gully
                                                            Faeryn Gully  6 months back

                                                            I think ayra respects warrior women daenarys is a dragon rider but not a warrior, I think ayra will be sincerely disappointed by dany

                                                            • jflash05
                                                              jflash05  6 months back

                                                              WOLF PACK ASSEMBLE!!!!!!

                                                              • Bing Bong Ching Chong
                                                                Bing Bong Ching Chong  6 months back

                                                                I loved the Simpson reference when he was saying the colours of the dragons 😂😂

                                                                • R Nickerson
                                                                  R Nickerson  6 months back

                                                                  Jon gave the command to Dolorous Edd, but that's not how one becomes Lord Commander

                                                                  • R Nickerson
                                                                    R Nickerson  6 months back

                                                                    Drogon is black with red accents

                                                                    • My time
                                                                      My time  6 months back

                                                                      I don't want it to start because I don't want it to end😭😢

                                                                      • Elise Hanssen
                                                                        Elise Hanssen  6 months back

                                                                        I like that Oathkeeper, which came from Neds sword, has been owned by her who swore to protect the Stark children.

                                                                        • susie red
                                                                          susie red  6 months back

                                                                          "...until the bitter end. "
                                                                          Ah, indeed.

                                                                          • retired noona
                                                                            retired noona  6 months back

                                                                            SHORT DOGGO LEG I THINK I JUST DIED

                                                                            • turd nerd
                                                                              turd nerd  6 months back

                                                                              1:42-1:48 lmao XD

                                                                              • xaoc
                                                                                xaoc  6 months back

                                                                                Wight Rickon of course.

                                                                                • Jackson Ville
                                                                                  Jackson Ville  6 months back

                                                                                  I'm calling varys gonna die real quick, his part is pretty much played out by this point