Game Of Thrones S8E5 | "The Bells" Explained


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  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname  2 months back

    Remember when Jon and Tyrion were approaching blackwater bay for that meeting with Darth Cersi? There's only ONE million people in Kings landing. Not "millions"

    • Lets tacobout It
      Lets tacobout It  4 months back

      I thought when she heard the bells she’s reminded of her father dying

      • stupidusername
        stupidusername  4 months back

        I have no problem with Daenerys going bad, but I would’ve loved if it was done in a more poignant way. Like instead of her just snapping from hearing the bells, she loses her resolve and, instead of attacking the city, goes after only the Red Keep and burns it to ashes. In doing so, she sets off the wildfire and it cascades through the city destroying all the people and a bunch of her own troops, making her realize her ruthlessness makes her just like her father... and then she goes batshit.

        • antoanoo
          antoanoo  5 months back

          You understood it wrongly.. You are missing the point of the whole idea . Tyrion releases his brother to save the city from tragedy ! He knew that things can go wrong very quickly and one misstep can bring many deaths ! But he did not knew that it will be much much much worse ! So better chance will be for all of them to make Cersei surrender . Wrong interpretation again. He did not send his borther to die in the city. Do you remember what the plan was ? They should ring the bells the moment all of the defences are gone, - many peoples saved and the war ends. But nobody could predict what happened there. Nobody predicted total mass destruction ! That how the things went not otherwise.

          • M T
            M T  5 months back

            Bet YouTube content creators for Game Of Thrones theories wish they could get those hours they waisted back.

            • M T
              M T  5 months back

              @HaxDogma if only the writers would have been half as creative as the theorists.

            • HaxDogma
              HaxDogma   5 months back

              Best conversations of my life man, wouldn’t trade it for the world haha

          • Sakutaro〈3musik
            Sakutaro〈3musik  5 months back

            deany was so out of character killing the people, I could have see her killing jon or other people that had power or where a problem for her, but this made no sense at all

            • Mike Boon
              Mike Boon  5 months back

              People who who say this wasn't forshadowed have clearly drunk so much of the danny coolaid that they're blind to obvious forshadowing.

              • Theo Sherman
                Theo Sherman  5 months back

                1:56 The term is "Snitched on the man who once saved his life"

                • BBSurf37
                  BBSurf37  5 months back

                  Ok.....So did you explain anything about the bells?? This was just a recap of the last episode.

                  • BBSurf37
                    BBSurf37  5 months back

                    HaxDogma LOL no worries. Anyways you did a great review.

                  • HaxDogma
                    HaxDogma   5 months back

                    I mean, I thought I did lol

                • Warlord Lu Bu
                  Warlord Lu Bu  5 months back

                  I actually enjoyed Season 8, all the way until the ending... I liked the razing of Kings Landing, I thought it was truly excellent and a just way to deal with such scumbags and their cowardly people who did not push for surrender.... they can riot for food and turn the city into a rape fest... but can't surrender to a dragon queen? fuck 'em then. I loved seeing Daeny's rage and her sudden strokes of wrath against people who betrayed her or did things behind her back... Her character has the mindset of a dragon and that is showing more clearly as time progresses through the seasons. I just absolutely hated the ending... how fucking ridiculous... J & D could have worked well.

                  • Fenris6 M
                    Fenris6 M  5 months back

                    Get over it! The series was Perfect!

                    • Fenris6 M
                      Fenris6 M  5 months back

                      HaxDogma Bold and as honest as I can say it.

                    • HaxDogma
                      HaxDogma   5 months back

                      Oh man, bold statement Fen! :)

                  • Beauty Mamaehis
                    Beauty Mamaehis  5 months back

                    She as been betrayed from day 1 by every1 she trusted She is an HERO.queen of dragons

                    • Nathan Amsden
                      Nathan Amsden  5 months back

                      Can someone explain why everyone hates GOT finale to me, someone whose never seen a single episode?

                      • Tad Dad
                        Tad Dad  5 months back

                        not gonna lie. now that it is over.... its is bellow the quality of sevearl other shows, that last episode. garbage i dare say.

                        • Liam McGlade
                          Liam McGlade  5 months back

                          Waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaa

                          • The Earthquake
                            The Earthquake  5 months back

                            HaxDogma great vid man. Aged well, nice predictions 💯

                          • HaxDogma
                            HaxDogma   5 months back

                            What is happening in this comment? Lol

                        • Hashir Shaikh
                          Hashir Shaikh  5 months back

                          madness is subjective, she want mad just angry and played and betrayed by lots of people, which may have pushed Daenerys onto the dark side. I'm not hating this video I'm just calling out to the fans who call her "The mad queen".

                          • Jeremy Stillwell
                            Jeremy Stillwell  5 months back

                            Lame lol stopped watching after season 3

                          • Matthew Titterington
                            Matthew Titterington  5 months back

                            Cleganebowl wasn’t great. It deserved better, the fight Sandor and the mountain had in season 1 was better

                            • DerisiveLaughter
                              DerisiveLaughter  5 months back

                              Shhh let it go let it all go

                              • Chris Mak
                                Chris Mak  5 months back

                                Epic Fail season after 9 years. Complete rip off!

                                • Filip Saitis
                                  Filip Saitis  5 months back

                                  little finger touched varys once in either season 1 or 2

                                  • Leona-Valeria Vds
                                    Leona-Valeria Vds  5 months back

                                    I think the main reason why she burned down Kinglanding was simply because of Jamie Lannister escape and he could help Cercey to run away after realizing she lost a war. So Cercey could hide between an innocence people. That's why she decided to destroy all of them. But who knows...

                                    • Bree Radloff
                                      Bree Radloff  5 months back

                                      Varys was touched a few times. Roz grabbed him in the nether regions when he visited the brother to recruit her. Littlefinger touched him on the shoulder in one of their whispered verbal duels in the throne room. I think Olenna might have used his arm while walking in the garden, but I'd have to go back and rewatch that scene to be sure.

                                      • Shane Knox
                                        Shane Knox  5 months back

                                        Sending his brother was another attemp at getting the bells to ring so the city would be spared. Nothing to do with unborn child

                                        • Merry Song
                                          Merry Song  5 months back

                                          If she just destroyed the whole city like that with one dragon, why didn't they just do that with the dead in the great war?

                                        • Chris Slaughter
                                          Chris Slaughter  5 months back

                                          Perfectly said. The middle ground for Dany should have been having the Lannister’s army killed even after they surrendered, destroying the castle, but sparing the town.

                                          • CB Norwood
                                            CB Norwood  5 months back

                                            GoT has been a train wreck covered in vomit since Season 5.

                                            • Steely Dan
                                              Steely Dan  5 months back

                                              Deserves got nothing to do with it...

                                              • Weener Woman
                                                Weener Woman  5 months back

                                                get your facts right!

                                                • RetroMan HD
                                                  RetroMan HD  5 months back

                                                  How come the throne wasn't under a pile of rubble? Maybe if Cersei had stayed there, it would've been a different story 😂

                                                  • Mike JoPa Mi
                                                    Mike JoPa Mi  5 months back

                                                    Why the 18 ads guy?

                                                    • KarmaDreams1
                                                      KarmaDreams1  5 months back

                                                      I honestly feel that the idiots “writers” of the show, (who thought they would do this series any semblance of justice, by overwriting the original author, and deciding the “end” of the series would be good the way that THEY wrote it), should be burned alive! They literally took TWO YEARS to write this rushed garbage, and didn’t even give us the satisfaction of watching Cersi be ripped to shreds by Arya, or at least become a shishkabob, by the fire of Drogon. I am VERY disappointed with Season 8, and don’t even consider this “Cliff Notes” version of GoT, the end. I will wait another 10 years, if that’s what it takes, for the REAL author to finish this volume, so that I could read what HIS true vision for this story REALLY is!

                                                      • Thoeun Kong
                                                        Thoeun Kong  5 months back

                                                        You often say .... "Don't tell me this because of that" to dismiss fairly valid reasons. so in all... It's just you

                                                      • Matt Gabe
                                                        Matt Gabe  5 months back

                                                        It all made sense. It was realistically human; it just wasn’t what we wanted.

                                                        Then again, we have to remember this is a show and not the books

                                                        • Froobius
                                                          Froobius  5 months back

                                                          Everyone is, of course, entitled to their gripes. However, some of your arguments seem to indicate that you weren’t even watching. There are three that stand out to me:
                                                          Tyrion & Jaime: The scene makes clear the two reasons Tyrion is releasing his brother. He is not trying to save him. Tyrion is, firstly, allowing Jaime the death he wants (with Cersei), and, secondly, more hopefully, having Jaime pleas for KL’s surrender.
                                                          Dany & Cersei: Dany burns KL in a long zigzag in order to rub salt into Cersei’s wound. There is no hurry to win, as Dany has already won. This is a long, painful death for her nemesis.
                                                          Hound & Arya: The Hound sends Arya away at this last minute because the staircase is literally collapsing. He wasn’t wasting her time by allowing her to tag along (Though he surely has come to enjoy her company.) He probably thought the final duel would be under different circumstances, and that Arya would slip away unharmed, after. When he saw that Arya’s death would have been an absolute certainty, in the crumbling devastation, he had to send her away.

                                                          • rebelartwork
                                                            rebelartwork  5 months back

                                                            Tyrion didn't send Jaime to his death. He sent him to try make sure Cersei surrender. He believed if Cersei didn't the city would burn. He didn't think Dany would burn it after the bells rang

                                                            • Terri Morgan
                                                              Terri Morgan  5 months back

                                                              This was the most amazing show... Until the end. They ruined it, completely. 😔

                                                              • logun24x7
                                                                logun24x7  5 months back

                                                                People forget that Deny's driver has been revenge from the beginning and wanting to make the Kingdom burn knowing Cerci is watching from her tower making her feel total defeat before her death explains her motives

                                                                • bumiker
                                                                  bumiker  5 months back

                                                                  You sort of ignored the whole goal of Tyrion wanting to avoid the slaughter of Kings Landing, which is why he released Jaime. Jaime was to convince Cersei to leave and Jaime was to have them ring the surrender bells. When Jaime tells Tyrion he'll surely be executed by Dany, Tyrion replies, “10,000 of innocent lives, one not particularly innocent dwarf. Seems like a fair trade.”

                                                                  • Darth PsAyTko
                                                                    Darth PsAyTko  5 months back

                                                                    Shame! Ring the bells! Shame, ring the bells. I loved Cerseis face when she heard the bells.

                                                                    • Robert Delpin
                                                                      Robert Delpin  5 months back

                                                                      They let any clown have a YouTube channel these days

                                                                      • HaxDogma
                                                                        HaxDogma   5 months back

                                                                        Yeah, literally. Not just clowns though!

                                                                    • G04t33 McGee
                                                                      G04t33 McGee  5 months back

                                                                      its hbo's fault man....i feel like they cucked the writers with 6 episodes, how is george cool with this?

                                                                      • Markus Braunholz
                                                                        Markus Braunholz  5 months back

                                                                        there is nothing to say D&D nailed it. I stop Watching at S8E4. It was too much. Everything was just disappointing.

                                                                        • Vizonaut
                                                                          Vizonaut  5 months back

                                                                          i don't heed to fanfiction.

                                                                          • 21 BlackJack
                                                                            21 BlackJack  5 months back

                                                                            Tyrion loved his brother and knew that he would only be happy if he was with his sister, whether alive or dead. He also still had some belief that Daenerys would do the right thing and not attack the Red Keep.

                                                                            • Fred Pearson
                                                                              Fred Pearson  5 months back

                                                                              What this video really needs are more commercials...said no one, ever.

                                                                              • Some Greek Dude
                                                                                Some Greek Dude  5 months back

                                                                                Perhaps jon abolishes the monarchy from the seven kingdoms (if you have played the ck2 you know what i mean )/

                                                                                • Lauren O
                                                                                  Lauren O  5 months back

                                                                                  Episode made zero sense😥😪