Everything Wrong With Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 21 Minutes or Less


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  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch  2 hours back

    now i know why i fell asleep half way into this movie and never finished it

    • ToudaHell
      ToudaHell  2 hours back

      How can they make a monster movie soooooo boring!? I've only watch part of this and I'm bored. Can we get a movie with just monsters destroying the humans and the monsters win? No moral lessons or discussions of fairh

      • 2hokies
        2hokies  6 hours back

        Any Huey Lewis reference in a cinema sins video gets a thumbs up!

        • Nick Pratt
          Nick Pratt  7 hours back

          Should have sinned the pictures in the email from her dad. The pictures he sent weren't even taken until they show the people from monarch coming to find him.

          • Draconian's Lair
            Draconian's Lair  12 hours back

            1:05 sneak peek of tom holands new spiderman movie lol

            • Ewrecked
              Ewrecked  12 hours back

              Film: Humanity is insignificant compared to the Titans.

              Also Film: Let’s cut back to humanity.

              • BaronVonBielski
                BaronVonBielski  14 hours back

                I know you all wanted this movie to be good so badly, it's awful. The first movie is so much better than this

                • Name Banana
                  Name Banana  19 hours back

                  I thought I heard Mari Takahashis laugh in the restaurant...

                  • Rodrigo Manzanilla
                    Rodrigo Manzanilla  21 hours back

                    Hey cinamasins can you please add subtitles to the cheractors talking sometimes I can only have my volume down so would be really helpful

                    • Revenant
                      Revenant  22 hours back

                      did he give a sin for the fire demon Rodan, who woke up in a volcano, not dying to Godzilla melting everything? I know they still got stabbed but still

                      • Matti pedersen
                        Matti pedersen  23 hours back

                        More like "Godzilla: King of the Cameos" or better yet, "Godzilla: Featuring Godzilla"!!!
                        The old school Japanese Godzilla movies focused primarily on the Kaiju fights and would flash to the reactions of the human observers, while this American-made garbage is exactly the opposite, thereby taking the role of Godzilla itself and transforming it into what ultimately accounts to little more than a cameo. Why bother even putting the name "Godzilla" in the title?

                        • Susan Elks
                          Susan Elks  24 hours back

                          I watch these and tell people I watch the movie

                          • Yellowbuzz 1024
                            Yellowbuzz 1024  1 days back

                            Cinema sins: nuclear energy didn’t exist back then.
                            *sad sun noises*

                            • JSmellerM
                              JSmellerM  1 days back

                              If they can't CGI long enough in a real version movie I'll gladly take an animation movie instead.

                              • Auitshrieks
                                Auitshrieks  1 days back

                                They really fucked up. Because I’m the first Godzilla. They say SHE is a GIRL (Godzilla)

                                • Jackson Gondo
                                  Jackson Gondo  1 days back

                                  Jeremy legit just gave 95 sins without batting an eye 😂😂😫

                                  • DoncewaZ xxx
                                    DoncewaZ xxx  1 days back

                                    Do "Train to Busan", please, it's so overrated that I can't sleep after I watched it... :/

                                    • Ăn Ngủ Cùng Game
                                      Ăn Ngủ Cùng Game  1 days back

                                      uhm that's machine was stepped on by a huge dragon, and it still can work, nice

                                      • Kiuraz
                                        Kiuraz  1 days back

                                        14:51 Is...is this guy joking or what? Is he really saying that humans invented radiations and Godzilla lived milions of years before radiations were "invented"???
                                        It's hilarious how at 17:35 he asks why the heads aren't working together and why Ghidorah is shooting once, stopping and shooting again, while the clip shows the heads working together
                                        Also, you don't really know what "Deus Ex machina" means, because you clearly used it wrong twice in a single review.

                                        • Protein Curry
                                          Protein Curry  1 days back

                                          My only gripe with this is the Monster Zero sin, Ghidorahs ORIGINAL name was Monster Zero.

                                          • tristan robinson
                                            tristan robinson  2 days back

                                            *Ima stick mah D*[email protected] in the mash patatas* 😇

                                            • Johnathan Spence
                                              Johnathan Spence  2 days back

                                              Now, this isn't so much a sin for the movie necessarily but a sin for the dumpster fire that is Emma.

                                              She was committed to changing the world and saving it, and was relatively fine with millions of people dying for that cause, even her ex husband, but the second her daughter is in danger suddenly that's all that matters. Humanity is a disease, or all of it except her and her kid I guess

                                              • Chrono Red
                                                Chrono Red  2 days back

                                                It's not funny anymore.

                                                • Harry Topper
                                                  Harry Topper  2 days back

                                                  C'mon man! The sole purpose of the movies is to entertain us and not to teach us science & logic!

                                                  • Anthony Becerra
                                                    Anthony Becerra  2 days back

                                                    Millie Bobby Brown is just too weird why is she in a blockbuster she sucks

                                                    • Sasuke Uchiha
                                                      Sasuke Uchiha  2 days back

                                                      20:03 Did i hear that right???????? wtf??? Also, i'm honestly glad that i didnt pay to watch this. The movie cock blocked every action sequence of godzilla........

                                                      • durandutz
                                                        durandutz  2 days back

                                                        seems like you mufuckas are marvel fanboys

                                                        • Truong Martin
                                                          Truong Martin  2 days back

                                                          Cinema Sins: How is rodan alive burning godzilla melted the entire area he was in.
                                                          Me an intellectual: he's the fire demon why do you think he came out of a volcano the meltdown was probably the reason he's still alive

                                                          • HECTOR MEJIA
                                                            HECTOR MEJIA  2 days back

                                                            Cinemasins: when it comes to monster movies this is the stupidest of the stupid
                                                            Me: Well, when it comes to critics, your the dumbest of the dumb

                                                            • Matthew Woodrum
                                                              Matthew Woodrum  2 days back

                                                              No clue why I stay subscribed to this channel. Videos are twice as long as they should be and literally everything is a “sin”. In most cases the cinemasins video is worse than the movie it’s critiquing.

                                                              • Carnidoom
                                                                Carnidoom  2 days back

                                                                holy shit you are so biased. how is rodan not dead from a atomic fire pulse? maybe..cuz hes made of fucking fire form a vulcano, imbecile

                                                                • Subscribe to me for no reason

                                                                  He didn’t even mention the “tropical storm” had the size of a hurricane. Did you see the map in the background, that storm was huge!

                                                                  • Ben Perry
                                                                    Ben Perry  2 days back

                                                                    Keep in mind that a tropical storm is differentiated from a hurricane not by the size, but by both the peak gust speed, as well as the sustained wind speed. The storm could have covered the entire globe, but if the wind is not above a certain speed, it is still a tropical storm, not a hurricane

                                                                • Khadair Willis
                                                                  Khadair Willis  3 days back

                                                                  Dunno why people didn't like the movie. If you're gonna watch a GODZILLA FILM (longest running movie franchise) you should've known what you were in for...DUH!

                                                                  Those complaining about it being dark: Well if you just FUCKING LOOK at what the monsters do in this movie you'll see that mostly what these kaiju do is FLASHY ATTACKS godzilla atomic breath, Ghidorah's Gravity Beams, Mothra's god raise. All fucking flash. A couple times godzilla fought in the day, but didn't have that same effect... You wanna know why it wasn't dark when kong was fighting the skullcrawlers?
                                                                  They don't have Any flashy attacks
                                                                  You people are fucking dumb af🙄😤😓

                                                                  • Khadair Willis
                                                                    Khadair Willis  3 days back

                                                                    Oh and sum dumb fuck compared crawl to godzilla because they both had reptiles. And one of his statements for crawl being better than godzilla was because GET READY FOR THIS!

                                                                    Godzilla didn't have a dog in it

                                                                    Comparing a horror movie with a science fiction monster movie 😬 critic's dumb af

                                                                • Bryce Ko
                                                                  Bryce Ko  3 days back

                                                                  How dare sin my favorite movie

                                                                  • Tornado
                                                                    Tornado  3 days back

                                                                    someone remind me of this comment in 2029

                                                                    • much PinkTentacleGod
                                                                      much PinkTentacleGod  3 days back

                                                                      Only sin here is that you get bodied with facts and remain quiet

                                                                      • Dr. Goji
                                                                        Dr. Goji  3 days back

                                                                        12:25: A deus ex machina is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem in a story is suddenly and abruptly resolved by an unexpected and seemingly unlikely occurrence. By definition, Godzilla is not unexpected because the film tells us that he's heading to Mexico. By definition, Ghidorah is not an unsolvable problem because the film literally had him fight Godzilla already, and it's the premise of the film. By definition, this situation is not abruptly resolved because there's an hour left in the goddamn movie! *_STOP MISUSING DEUS EX MACHINA!!!!_*

                                                                        • Robert Flores
                                                                          Robert Flores  3 days back

                                                                          0:09 "Was that a jump scare DURING the f*cking logos?

                                                                          ...that scared you?

                                                                          • Ashley Ramos
                                                                            Ashley Ramos  3 days back

                                                                            This is my way of watching a movie without watching the movie to make sure i should watch the movie

                                                                            • denaxion jaxton
                                                                              denaxion jaxton  3 days back

                                                                              Ok less 0:44 more 1:04

                                                                              • denaxion jaxton
                                                                                denaxion jaxton  3 days back

                                                                                0:36 that's uncalled for family drama is very real i really have not scene a movie that makes it look forced, and that includes this one. And why do you have a problem with Emmerich? Yes his version of Godzilla was hard to enjoy and so was Independence Day Resurgence but he also did Moon 44, Independence Day, Stargate, And the day after Tomorrow, all fun movies to watch by the way.

                                                                                • The Anonymous
                                                                                  The Anonymous  3 days back

                                                                                  I was expecting 1000 sins for the oh my god-zilla line

                                                                                  • GrandAdoboMan
                                                                                    GrandAdoboMan  3 days back

                                                                                    This movie is a shitshow. Only the manchildren from the toxic fandom loved this.

                                                                                    • THEopkiller85 dank
                                                                                      THEopkiller85 dank  3 days back

                                                                                      But i thought all of ghidorahs head where destroyed
                                                                                      how the hell did those people get one

                                                                                      • Fallschirmjager
                                                                                        Fallschirmjager  4 days back

                                                                                        Damn a Buffy reference. Digging deep

                                                                                        • YEET
                                                                                          YEET  4 days back

                                                                                          Wtf is Endgame
                                                                                          (W as in where)

                                                                                          • talia thaib
                                                                                            talia thaib  4 days back

                                                                                            Please do one of Neil Breed's movies

                                                                                            • DaButcha
                                                                                              DaButcha  4 days back

                                                                                              0:09 Old Lion's Gate Logo.