Midsommar Spoiler Review and Interviews with Ari Aster, Will Poulter, and Jack Reynor

  • Published: 05 July 2019
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    On a special edition of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by managing editor Jacob Hall and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista for a spoiler-filled discussion of writer/director Ari Aster's new film, Midsommar. Then, you'll hear interviews with Aster and actors Will Poulter and Jack Reynor.
    In Our Feature Presentation:
    A spoiler-filled chat about Midsommar
    Ari Aster (spoiler-free and full spoilers)
    Will Poulter
    Jack Reynor
    Other Articles Mentioned:
    'Midsommar' Review: A Disturbing, and Surprisingly Hilarious, Horror Film from the Director of 'Hereditary'
    All the other stuff you need to know:
    You can find more about all the stories we mentioned on today’s show at slashfilm.com, and linked inside the show notes.
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Comments • 16

  • pegacorn13
    pegacorn13  3 months back

    So funny that you assumed Christian was Ari. Seemed really obvious that he was Dany to me.....

    • Shahwiqar Shahin
      Shahwiqar Shahin  3 months back

      I haven't seen the movie yet, but mudering your boyfriend because "he is a complete piece of shit" is a tad much don't you think? Doesn't set a good precedence.

      Guess I'll have to see the movie

      • Josh Saunders
        Josh Saunders  3 months back

        Ari has stated that he wrote it with himself as Dani.

        • V
          V  3 months back

          19:03 ari aster interview
          32:33 will poulter interview
          42:00 jack reynor interview

          • Constant Coffin
            Constant Coffin  4 months back

            Don't know where you get the idea that the male lead was a 'piece of shit' at all. He stayed with a girl he wanted to break up with because he didn't want to amplify her misery after her family died. -?

            • Constant Coffin
              Constant Coffin  3 months back

              @Glenna Smith yeah, that's why I referred to it

            • Glenna Smith
              Glenna Smith  3 months back

              @Constant Coffin
              You know that her family died right?

            • mariama .t.
              mariama .t.  3 months back

              I agree, Christian had his flaws but...I wouldn't call him an outright POS. Honestly, a lot of events seemed cult-manipulated (like in Hereditary). Notice how when the most egregious things happened--Christian's participation in the mating ritual, Dani choosing him to die--they are both drugged, and just the fact that the lottery/judgement scene takes place right after Dani sees Christian in the act kind of intimates that the cult wanted to capitalize off of Dani being pushed further towards the edge.
              ...I don't think Christian deserved to die like that. But I think his fate was predetermined, I think Pelle orchestrated a lot of things behind the scenes, hence him receiving praise for his discernment.

            • Constant Coffin
              Constant Coffin  3 months back

              @Jeff to me he was just bored of the sexless, no fun relationship and was considering ending it but still cared about her. Nothing 'piece of shit' with that in my book. They weren't married or anything.
              Good film anyway.

            • Jeff
              Jeff  3 months back

              Its because before her family dies. He is leading as a bad boyfriend due to his lack of empathy and emotions for his girlfriend. Even him not breaking up with her during her grief can be seen as douchebag move as well. Also when they are in the cult he also shows lack of caring. Forgot her bday and blantly being interested to the girl that was the mating partner.

          • in6087
            in6087  4 months back

            My main anxiety while watching the movie was that the role of the May Queen was going to be to mate with Rueben, the Oracle and increase the genetic diversity...

            • Eli the dabber
              Eli the dabber  2 weeks back

              how would that have happened tho both are female

            • in6087
              in6087  3 months back

              Oh, I could be wrong but I just thought she was something on the same lines as https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_Queen

            • Domino
              Domino  4 months back

              May Queen? I thought they were saying Maid or Made Queen. haha

          • Taylor Bowne
            Taylor Bowne  4 months back

            I think some people will be put off that the movie has been pushed as a horror movie. And that doesn't make people dumb, it's the fault of the marketing and that they wanted to piggyback off of Hereditary's success. It's like what happened to IT COMES AT NIGHT. Even the director of that movie wasn't happy with how misleading the marketing was

            • jmcieslak0
              jmcieslak0  3 weeks back

              Midsommar definitely has enough horror elements to be considered a horror film, among other things