Why Planes Don't Fly Over the Pacific Ocean

  • Published: 30 September 2019
  • Why do airlines avoid the Pacific Ocean? You might think it was a safety issue. The Pacific is the largest and deepest of the world’s oceans. If a plane encounters a problem over a seemingly endless and bottomless pond of water, the pilots are going to have a rough time finding a safe spot to set her down.

    Guessing that it is a safety precaution wouldn't be entirely wrong. When planning a route, many pilots prefer to maximize the number of airports along their path. Emergencies are incredibly rare relative to how many planes take to the skies every day. That said, it isn’t the main reason airlines tend to avoid making a straight shot east to west...

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    It's all about three-dimensional spaces? 1:08
    A little experiment 🌍 2:54
    But how do people get to Australia? 5:08
    Turbulence over water 6:01
    Flying with a jet stream VS. flying into it 6:27
    What clear-air turbulence is 7:46

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    - When planning a route, many pilots prefer to maximize the number of airports along their path.
    - Excluding special circumstances such as passing through the jet streams or other meteorological concerns, the fastest route is almost always the one closest to a straight line.
    - On a 2D map, making a giant rainbow to avoid the Pacific Ocean looks like a much longer route. But since the Earth is a sphere, a straight line is going to look very different in three-dimensional spaces.
    - The combination of the two factors, the curvature of the Earth and its extra equatorial width, mean that curving toward the poles is a shorter distance than flying (what seems like on a map) “straight” across!
    - Another reason planes will sometimes brave an oceanic voyage is to take advantage of the smoother ride. Even in clear weather, there’s much less turbulence over water than over land.
    - The other primary consideration for determining flight paths are air currents, namely the jet streams. These high-altitude air currents exist near the top of the troposphere.
    - There are 4 main jet streams, 2 in each hemisphere, and thanks to the Earth’s rotation, they mostly flow west to east.
    - Flying with a jet stream can shave several hours off of a trip, but flying into it can slow the plane down considerably.
    - It’s also worth noting the risks associated with jet streams. The biggest hazard is a kind of turbulence known as clear-air turbulence, which occurs along the edges of the streams.
    - The jet stream mostly affects things tens of thousands of feet in the air, and the curvature of the Earth doesn’t really matter unless you’re traveling hundreds of miles per hour over vast distances.

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    BRIGHT SIDE   2 weeks back

    When was the last time you were on a plane? Where did you go?

    • Danny Ip
      Danny Ip  2 days back

      2 years ago, I went to Mauritius!!!

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      intent full  1 weeks back

      Earth is no ball buddy. That is old news

    • Landy Andy
      Landy Andy  1 weeks back

      Catania to Gatwick 17 days ago

    • lorenzo dessoy
      lorenzo dessoy  2 weeks back

      Never and never

    • Rihana Ahmed
      Rihana Ahmed  2 weeks back

      i went last december to New York

  • aspo pulvera
    aspo pulvera  4 minutes back

    2:45 **flat earth society angry noises**

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      Albatr0r  20 minutes back

      Omg, Bullshitty and garbage...

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        ben andre  24 minutes back

        debout sur le même plan
        la terre n'est pas un globe
        courbure imposée depuis des lustres
        l'eau , les rails du train ne courbent pas

        • Armin Els
          Armin Els  57 minutes back

          I dont nnow what made me dumber: the video or the comments

          • Landshark 0068
            Landshark 0068  59 minutes back

            Yes, at the equator you are spinning at about 1000 mph, or .000691 rpm, which just goes to show you how big the planet really is.

            • Pekka Lipponen
              Pekka Lipponen  1 hours back

              Pure torture,except IQ under 50

              • Colby Mason
                Colby Mason  1 hours back

                The world is flat,that's why.

                • Otr
                  Otr  2 hours back

                  OMG, was this video a high school project from a kid?

                  • Pierre Abbat
                    Pierre Abbat  2 hours back

                    Earth girth.
                    btw it's km/h, not KPH

                    • Leon Wang
                      Leon Wang  2 hours back

                      4:38 that's not the equator

                      • Unstoppable Resistance
                        Unstoppable Resistance  2 hours back

                        Logan Paul traveled through pacific ocean to reach London

                        • Do Nguyen Khai
                          Do Nguyen Khai  2 hours back

                          Can you make a video.What happen when Godzilla is real?

                          • Running Bear
                            Running Bear  2 hours back

                            *It's Awesome knowing Airlines take all Precautions Possible*

                            • Andre dc
                              Andre dc  2 hours back

                              Because it is a shorter route to fly.... Another brain washing globe video ;)

                              • Jaideeman
                                Jaideeman  2 hours back

                                I watched your video with interest but i disagree with your statements. Planes do fly over the Pacific. I live in Australia on the East coast. Qantas and other airlines fly from the east coast of Australia to the states over the pacific. One being QF 093; Thankyou good video

                                • winkipinky
                                  winkipinky  3 hours back

                                  Ha ha.. flat Earthers are not enjoying this video at all... In fact I bet they are furious. 😁

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                                    Man in the Park  3 hours back

                                    Great. Another conspiracy for flat earths to talk about.

                                    • Mike Garner
                                      Mike Garner  3 hours back

                                      9 minutes to say earth is curved.

                                      • alex carter
                                        alex carter  3 hours back

                                        I've been on a flight to Japan that had to turn around back to Alaska so the safety argument is a real one.

                                        Also there's something called the "Pacific Missile Range" which is ... a very large part of the Pacific, used as a practice gallery by the US military. You'd not want too many planes going through that area.

                                        • wesnxs
                                          wesnxs  3 hours back

                                          suggests it's easy to lose a couple hundred miles here or there claims only 40 miles wider at the equator

                                          That's only 0.14% larger in circumference at the equator in essence you wouldn't even notice technically the flight path would be only around a mile longer to go straight across the ocean

                                          • pulakification
                                            pulakification  3 hours back

                                            Lot of nonsense unfunny BS jokes.

                                            • Tom Mccann
                                              Tom Mccann  3 hours back

                                              That's news to me, particularly as I flew all the way across it last year from New Zealand to USA.

                                              • Jeremy Hamblin
                                                Jeremy Hamblin  3 hours back

                                                Look at the United Nations flag in your understand why they don't fly over the Pacific

                                                • Richard Hopkins
                                                  Richard Hopkins  3 hours back

                                                  The flight path from Los Angeles to Hawaii and Australia fly righ over the open Pacific ocean

                                                  • princess 💚
                                                    princess 💚  3 hours back

                                                    I flew from SFO ( san Francisco)) to HNL ( Honolulu) believe me we flew over the Pacific. Nothing but 9cean

                                                    • Elso
                                                      Elso  4 hours back

                                                      You know... I don't appreciate being talked down to. Literally the entire tone of this video.

                                                      • Markus Allen
                                                        Markus Allen  4 hours back

                                                        I never knew planes don't fly over the pacific. Now that you bring that up and since I dont' believe a word you say....I'm going to delve into this a little deeper!

                                                        • OneDog
                                                          OneDog  4 hours back

                                                          They don't want you tonsee the Great Pacific Garbage Patch:).

                                                          • Derek Bekins
                                                            Derek Bekins  4 hours back

                                                            Millions fly every day and some pay up to thousands for a flight 🤣 you tryna tell me there still a business. How much money do you think they have🤣

                                                            • Mike Stanmore
                                                              Mike Stanmore  4 hours back

                                                              Well... maybe civilian *aero* planes. Carpenters use planes.
                                                              Scotty Allan and Charles Kingsford-Smith pioneered routes across the Pacific in Catalinas in the Second World War.

                                                              • David 135
                                                                David 135  4 hours back

                                                                Brisbane to Los Angeles flight VA7 / vo27. Install the free version of flight radar check for your self.

                                                                • John Walker
                                                                  John Walker  5 hours back

                                                                  What a ridiculous pile of long winded, vacuous drivel

                                                                  • 1thomas
                                                                    1thomas  5 hours back

                                                                    I don't see how curving up then back down is going to save distance. You're still going to be running into the equatorial curve, just adding more north-south distance too.

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                                                                      4:20 💪😂

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                                                                        Mate , do you even reply to your comments?? Or can ye even read this??

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                                                                          *Flat Earthers have Entered the Group Chat*
                                                                          *Flat Earthers have Left the Group Chat and are Preparing for War*

                                                                          • BA Video GAming
                                                                            BA Video GAming  5 hours back

                                                                            the flat earth is why they dont go in a straight line. the map they show you as the flat map is INCORRECT AND A GROSS MISREPRESENTATION of the real earth. Look at a "real" flat earth model and you will see that they are flying in a straight line ON THE FLAT EARTH MAP. that is the secret.

                                                                            • Tango Nevada
                                                                              Tango Nevada  5 hours back

                                                                              Whew! I was worried this was going to be a Flat Earth Video.

                                                                              • JTM45100
                                                                                JTM45100  5 hours back

                                                                                Having flown to Hawaii from LAX, there was no need to watch this video.

                                                                                • Jefferson Noguera
                                                                                  Jefferson Noguera  5 hours back

                                                                                  but some idiots would say the earth is flat

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                                                                                    Everyone: pLanEs Don'T fLy oVeR thE paCifIc
                                                                                    Me an intellectual: but Hawaii tho

                                                                                    • neilbradley
                                                                                      neilbradley  6 hours back

                                                                                      They don't? The last 5 trips I took from Singapore, 2 trips from Taiwan, and 6 trips from Shanghai all flew DIRECTLY across the Pacific to SFO (just not the other way around).

                                                                                      • NuncNuncNuncNunc
                                                                                        NuncNuncNuncNunc  6 hours back

                                                                                        It' the shortest path. Airlines also fly similarly across the Atlantic.

                                                                                        • BarnegateBoys
                                                                                          BarnegateBoys  6 hours back

                                                                                          That's it. I'm driving to Hawaii from now on

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                                                                                            What an annoying stretch...just get to the point

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                                                                                              They do.

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                                                                                                WHICH EDITING SOFTWARE DO YOU USED LOVE FROM NEPAL....