The Smoothie Challenge! *GOOD vs. GROSS* Learn DIY Edible Real Gummy Food Sour Candy Drink How To

  • Published: 14 October 2017
  • Collins Key and his brother (not twin) try and test the super gross smoothie challenge drink with a whole bunch of food, sweet sour candy, gummy vs. real food and other crazy edible DIY do it yourself foods. We taste test and try to see if eating giant smoothies are worth it or if we can drink it all! Learn how to best not make a shake in this family friendly and kid kids safe teach tutorial for boys and girls in this easy educational comedy eat video. Prank your friends, boy or girl with this science experiment type challenges life hack hacks which is fun and hilarious to be trying and testing.

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    1. Spam
    2. mayo
    3. soy sauce
    4. onion
    5. clam chowder
    6. wasabi balls
    7. wet cat food
    8. veggies
    9. mustard
    10. dog treats
    11. coffee
    12. Caramel apple
    13. Pumpkin spice cupcakes
    14. Pumpkin spice milk
    15. Apple pie
    16. Chocolate covered peeps
    17. Fall flavored candies
    18. Pumpkin sugar cookies
    19. Salted caramel covered marshmallows
    20. Pumpkin butter
    21. Fruit roll ups
    22. Caramel candies

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            wasabi peas

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              hey collin put in burritos next time

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                  Dog poop 💩 I started

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                    i challenge you to blender a rael food vs gummy food

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                      I actually kinda like spam, Im pretty sure no one agrees

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                        all fish
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                              Do pickled onions

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                                True story:
                                Once somebody took a tuna logo thingy off a tuna can and saw a cat food labs, underneath.

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                                  U guys should do Doritos hot sause

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                                            I think that with collin and devan‘s key are little bit funny a moment like collin in collins key i like collins key its a funny moments in there with devan to also in pancake art challenge with wengie in youtube’

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                                                        For Collins the veggie one isn’t really that bad honestly lmao one time my friend acted as if she died under my bed so I put a cat treat in her mouth and she got super mad XD

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                                                          Keeper squad

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                                                            Devan didn’t share his fruit roll ups but Collins shared his Oreos share devan!

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                                                              This is how mini times Collins has said yet

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                                                              Brent Hampton  2 days back

                                                              Collins I can I feel bad for you but Devon I feel bad for you more than you guys should do in tomato and marshmallows

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                                                                GUMMY VS SOUR GUMMY FOOD YOUR FAN ETHAN

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                                                                  U should put in fish eyes😎

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                                                                    Im so sorry for my report collins and deven for what my response was back in 2015

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                                                                      What up I love your videos

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                                                                                          9:07 the red chunks are peices of salmon covered in gravey I know I have cats we buy friskies for them I feed them every night and my grandma feeds the every morning

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