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A ref intentionally scored a goal and it counted | Weird Rules SB Nation
2 years back
Refs are taught to avoid interfering with the game. Sometimes though, that's just way too boring, and one soccer ref decided to finally do something about it.
Why two NHL players had to ref their own game | Weird Rules SB Nation
2 years back
Two refs got stuck in a snowstorm that prevented them from making it to the game on time in 1983 when the Hartford Whalers and New Jersey Devils faced off.
You can lose ALL your points for playing one too many people in Aussie Rules football | Weird Rules SB Nation
4 months back
The simplest mistakes can have the biggest consequences. No, I'm not talking about why I'm here in the first place, but an extremely weird rule that can wipe out ...
MLB has its own problematic catch rule | Weird Rules SB Nation
1 years back
Very early baseball didn't have gloves at all, which probably sucked and hurt a lot. But we're not here to talk about gloves*. We're here to talk about all the other ...
The loophole that lets NBA players rack up unlimited fouls in a game | Weird Rules SB Nation
2 years back
In 2017, Alabama had to finish a game against Minnesota with three players on the floor after numerous ejections and an injury. But the NBA has a rule that's ...
One guy mercilessly trolled the NHL into creating a better rule book | Weird Rules SB Nation
1 years back
Roger Neilson manipulated the NHL rulebook so much that he landed in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He changed the sport, not just through these three rule ...
Crazy Laws That Still Exist Around The World The Infographics Show
1 years back
What are some of the craziest laws in the UK, USA, Australia, Poland, etc? Let's find out which laws still exist! Let's find out on this episode of The Infographics ...
Barbados intentionally scored an own goal to help them win by two thanks to a weird golden goal rule SB Nation
10 months back
Barbados needed to win by two, but they were only up one. So instead of scoring in the traditional way they intentionally kicked in an own goal to get to extra ...
“The Holy Roller” was brilliantly idiotic and the NFL said never again | Weird Rules SB Nation
9 months back
In 1978, the Raiders were losing to the Chargers in the closing seconds. Ken Stabler intentionally fumbled, his teammate intentionally slapped and kicked it ...
How a towel got this golfer disqualified | Weird Rules SB Nation
2 years back
A professional golfer nicknamed “The Walrus” lost out on $37000 because of one bizarre, arbitrary rule that he didn't even realize he committed. But don't worry, ...
Slow free throws led to a Dwight Howard suspension | Weird Rules SB Nation
1 years back
One of the most commonly known rules in the NBA is the 24 second shot clock. But one of the least known and least enforced is the 10 second shot clock for free ...
How pregame dunks used to give the other team a chance to score before tipoff | Weird Rules SB Nation
11 months back
The NCAA used to not let you dunk at all. Then they realized their idiocy and allowed it, but under one condition - it could never be done during dead ball ...
Shaq broke so many baskets that the NBA had to change their rules | Weird Rules SB Nation
1 years back
The NBA had had enough. Shaq broke enough of their baskets, shattered backboards, snapped supports, that they changed their rules and made it so any ...
Intentionally crashing led Britain to win a gold medal | Weird Rules SB Nation
1 years back
Ever wonder how athletes in obscure sports can get so good at what they do? Well, part of it is knowing all the rules, and bending them to their advantage.
Kentucky once blocked a free throw to try to win a game | Weird Rules Ep 3 SB Nation
2 years back
The NCAA rulebook knew Billy Gillespie was going to be trouble, so they made sure to include a note about what happens when you goaltend a free throw.
The quarterback hit that forced the NFL to consider safety | Weird Rules SB Nation
1 years back
Think the NFL rules about hitting quarterbacks are dumb? Well, at least they have rules now. In 1970, Ben Davidson hit Len Dawson after the QB had given ...
An NBA player once played for both teams in the same game. We can explain. | Weird Rules SB Nation
7 months back
When the 76ers and Nets played in 1978, it felt like any other game. But after referee Richie Powers started giving out technicals to everyone in sight, it went off ...
Early MLB had very dumb rules and teams ready to take advantage of them | Weird Rules SB Nation
1 years back
MLB started in open BETA, allowing teams and players to break it by bending the rules, or take advantages of what had been omitted. As players manipulated ...
The NCAA limits jersey numbers with a rule that makes sense until you think about it | Weird Rules SB Nation
7 months back
I, for one, am sick of numbers and how dang big they get. For that reason, I give endless thanks to the NCAA and their rule about basketball jersey numbers.
A switch-pitcher faced a switch-hitter and chaos ensued | Weird Rules SB Nation
9 months back
Baseball games are already long, so why not just take all the time needed to sort out a rule when there's one-out left in a blowout victory? That's exactly what the ...
10 Strange Rules Vegeta's Kids Must Follow In Dragon Ball CBR
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Commissioner? God? Not much difference thanks to this NFL rule | Weird Rules SB Nation
6 months back
If something occurs during an NFL game that is "palpably unfair," the officials can use their judgment to rectify the situation however they see fit, whether it be ...
10 Weird SCHOOL RULES From Around The World TheRichest
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A basketball team can't intentionally score on itself, but it can do this SB Nation
1 years back
In the NBA, there's no reason to try and shoot at your own basket (unless you're attempting to complete a shameless triple double). But EuroLeague rules use ...
10 Weird Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant TheTalko
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Really Weird Rules The Royals Have About Food Mashed
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WEIRD RULES The Royal Family MUST Follow Top 10s
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10 Weird Rules Professional Athletes Have To Follow TheRichest
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Weird Japanese School Rules The Infographics Show
1 years back
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Weird laws in History Simple History
11 months back
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The weird rule that broke American politics Vox
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10 - Bizarre & Weird cricket rules Simbly Chumma
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[email protected]: Umpires call for rules check on bizarre play MLB
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Weird Unspoken Rules We Follow and Why BE AMAZED
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The NFL made a stupidly specific rule after a toeless kicker's record-setting field goal SB Nation
1 years back
Despite being born without toes on his dominant foot, Tom Dempsey kicked a 63-yard field goal, which was a record for 43-years. It was a last second, game ...