Outfit of the Day with GregoryGorgeous!!!!! blndsundoll4mj
7 years back
subscribe to GG!!! tweet or find GG on instagram @gregorygorgeous tweet me or find me on instagram @trishapaytas ...
gregoryGORGEOUS! melissagirll
10 years back
we know it sucks, but we love himmm :D hope he likes it :)
How much money does GregoryGORGEOUS make on youtube (2013) mrwebcelebs
6 years back
How much does GregoryGORGEOUS make on YouTube as told by Hemorrhoid the talking dinosaur.
My Tribute to GregoryGorgeous! ShaePadillaFan101
9 years back
This is for GregoryGorgeous, I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH! He is soo funny and cute!
3 years back
channel of gigi: thank's for watching :D.
June Favorites 2011! Gigi Gorgeous
8 years back
Follow me on Twitter! Happy 4th of July!! :) Be sure to check out my other monthly favorite videos, and let me know ...
Our Surrogate Story: The Truth | Gigi Gigi Gorgeous
2 years back
After a whirlwind of texts and phone calls from family and friends after Nats and I posted pictures holding the beautiful newborn baby, I felt the only way to ...
7 years back
GregoryGORGEOUS Wonderful Video:
Video Response To GregoryGorgeous Gregory Lee
7 years back
These are just two questions I have for GG to possibly answer in one of his videos. Hope ya enjoy it GG!
GregoryGORGEOUS: 40 EXPRESSIONS! Casey Couture
7 years back
Inspired by GregoryGORGEOUS and PiinkSparkles!!! People I TAG! vvv (Look at the list, if I watch you, you're probably on it!)
Video Response to GregoryGORGEOUS thelifeofdanielle
9 years back
s for samuel, t for thomas, b for bob, v for victor!
Gregory Gorgeous' Makeup Routine Gigi Gorgeous
11 years back
Follow me on Twitter! I thought my first youtube video should be dedicated to what I love most: makeup! :] And yes of ...
‪I ♥ SPRING TAG!‬ + NEW PURSE! Gigi Gorgeous
7 years back
SPRING is finally here and I thought I'd cave and do this tag! LEAVE YOURS AS A VIDEO RESPONSE BELOW! XOXO Gigi Follow me on Twitter!
Updated Makeup Routine Gigi Gorgeous
7 years back
Follow me on Twitter! Heey everrybooodyy! This is pretty much just an update of all the new products I'm using in my ...
What's In My Purse? + NEW BAG! Gigi Gorgeous
7 years back
Follow me on Twitter! I LOVE watching What's in My Purse videos and I have since gotten a new bag, so I decided to do ...
How To Flirt Gigi Gorgeous
9 years back
Follow me on Twitter! Sharing my tips on how I get boys left and right ;) Feel free to comment other advice videos you ...
My Reflection Gigi Gorgeous
7 years back
Christina said it right... Follow me on Twitter! INSTAGRAM: Friend me on ...
Video Response to GregoryGORGEOUS(: sexy17beast94
8 years back
Ummmm... its a video response.
CONGRATS, GregoryGorgeous! LOVE YOU!(: VictoriaOhSnap
9 years back
Greg reached 100000 subscribers! Funniest make-up guru E V E R!(:
GIRLFRIEND Tag! Gigi Gorgeous
7 years back
VINTAGE GG! I never got around to posting this video when it was filmed because we went through a break up....... BUT we're finally on speaking terms again so ...
Room Tour! Gigi Gorgeous
8 years back
Follow me on Twitter! FINALLY, I do a Room Tour :D Sorry for the shaky camera work hehehe Hope you like xoxo.
Most Embarrassing Moments Gigi Gorgeous
9 years back
Follow me on Twitter! This is just a vlog video of some of the embarrassing stuff I've done to myself recently...hahaha.
Why I Didn't Get Sexual Reassignment Surgery | Gigi Gigi Gorgeous
8 months back
Thank you guys for always listening and hearing me out when I'm ready to talk about what's going on in my life. Talking things out with you helps me more than I ...
Gregory Gorgeous WITHOUT Makeup?! Gigi Gorgeous
8 years back
Follow me on Twitter! Is the world ending...??!?! It must be because I'm doing a video without makeup on!! Do your own ...
Makeup inspired by GregoryGorgeous in The Avenue S1E3 Lysandre Nadeau
7 years back
AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, j'suis vraiment retardée. Enjoy ! Mes liens: Chaine personnelle: ...
Outfit of the Day: Lunch Date! Gigi Gorgeous
8 years back
Gym Outfit of the Day: Follow me on Twitter! Do you like these kinds of ...
gregorygorgeous - lipstick by elise estrada garyglamorous
9 years back
gregorygorgeous - lipstick by elise estrada.
Gregory gorgeous make up MrAnto901
9 years back
Talking Skin Care by the Pool! (Summer Skin Care Routine) Gigi Gorgeous
7 years back
New site with blog posts all da timeee Follow me on Twitter! So summer is FINALLY here, is the ...
Gregory Gorgeous' Alaska Gigi Gorgeous
9 years back
Follow me on Twitter! Video documentation of my hunting trip to Alaska while I was there on vacation!! Enjoy xo.
Giginormal Activity Gigi Gorgeous
9 years back
Follow me on Twitter! Sit back and watch the spooky footage!! Those damn ghosts. Xoxo.
August Favorites 2012 + New Tattoo! Gigi Gorgeous
7 years back
The energy thing I talked about in this video! I use it all da time PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Lady Gaga Fame ...
Meeting GregoryGorgeous/ Mac Haul/ Update! Tiffany Rose
8 years back
GREG: Tweet Tweet: Vlog Channel: Collab ...
"Gregory Gorgeous" (2012) Gigi Gorgeous
8 years back
Might get in trouble for this... oops ;) "This reality series, Gregory Gorgeous, documents the title character's ups and downs as he navigates through the most ...
Whats in My Bag? (Balenciaga) Gigi Gorgeous
10 years back
Follow me on Twitter! What's in My Bag (BCBG): So I have got so many ...
I Am Transgender | Gigi Gigi Gorgeous
6 years back
In 2013, I made a very personal decision very public. I am Transgender. #ThisIsEverythingDoc is FREE for June 2019 - Pride Month Watch Now ...
GREGORY GORGEOUS - The Pet Haul The Pet Collective
7 years back
Watch Gregory's dogs score big on this episode of The Pet Haul. Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Facebook: ...
GregoryGORGEOUS Mii HolyHarmonizers
9 years back
a wii tribute to our favourite guru. we love you greg. stay gorgeous.
Gregory Gorgeous on THE LISTENER 402 "The Blue Line" Shaftesbury
6 years back
Popular YouTube personality Gregory Gorgeous ( appears as himself on CTV's THE LISTENER on ...
Outfit of the Day: Clubbing! Gigi Gorgeous
8 years back
Follow me on Twitter! Leave me your picks for my next OOTD video, Hope you like, love u all! XOXO.
Gregory Gorgeous on MTV's The After Show Gigi Gorgeous
10 years back
Follow me on Twitter! This is the segment of MTV's The After Show that they asked me to be on! Enjoy!! xoxo.
Gregory Gorgeous Aka GiGi & Markus Molinari depart Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood PopCandiesTv
6 years back
Gregory Gorgeous Aka GiGi & Markus Molinari depart Bootsy Bellows!
10 years back
So, we were on BlogTV chat w/ Greg. and we gave him our number and he called ;) be jealous !! GREGORY GORGEOUS CALLED ME AND MY FRIENDS ! ! ! i ...