Ethan and Cole Rainy Day Madness! Babysitter Blast! ExtremeToys TV
7 months back
It's a rainy day, and Ethan and Cole are bored. They decide it's a perfect time for a Nerf Battle! So they put on their Sneak Attack Squad gear and plan a attack on ...
ETHAN IS FROZEN! | Roblox EthanGamer
1 years back
In today's Roblox video I play some more Flee the Facility! Subscribe! → Instagram! → ...
Through the Spooky Corn Field! Sneak Attack Squad Halloween Part 1 ExtremeToys TV
7 days back
As the Sneak Attack Squad gets prepared for Halloween, something strange starts to happen. Ethan and Cole hear some sort of ghoul rummaging through the ...
2014 Ethan vs 2019 Ethan - Natural Disasters Survival EthanGamer
8 months back
In today's video I play Natural Disasters Survival but this time it's a bit different. Thanks to Egmont Publishing for sponsoring this video! Check out the new Roblox ...
Who's My Crush Official Music Video | Ethan Fineshriber Ethan Fineshriber
1 weeks back
Ethan Fineshriber is super excited to premier his official music video entitled "Who's My Crush". He's been crushin on several girls lately and he felt compelled to ...
Crazy Ethan Clone Nerf Battle! Bad Copy From the Clone Machine Attacks Cole With Nerf Blasters! ExtremeToys TV
2 years back
We have rebuilt the clone machine! Unfortunately it has malfunctioned and created a evil Ethan! Can Cole defeat the horrible copy of Ethan with Nerf blasters?
Campfire Ghost Stories With Ethan and Cole! The Haunted Mansion. ExtremeToys TV
6 months back
In this spooky adventure Ethan and Cole find themselves in a real life Goosebumps tale of the haunted mansion. Sitting around the campfire the boys listen as ...
Teleport Tag! Sneak Attack Squad Crazy Game of Hide and Seek Tag! ExtremeToys TV
4 weeks back
In this wild teleport meets tag game, Ethan and Cole find crazy lasers that make this video more epic than ever. As the Sneak Attack Squad duo play, watch them ...
Last Day of Spring Break Snow Mayhem! Ethan VS. Cole Sledding Nerf Blast! ExtremeToys TV
7 months back
Ethan and Cole decide to see winter off Sneak Attack Squad style. It all begins with an innocent snowball fight. And it quickly escalates into a all out Nerf battle in ...
Ethan plays LEGO: Jurassic World (#2) EthanGamer
4 years back
Ethan plays LEGO: Jurassic World (#2). If you enjoy this video and want more, please smash that like button. Thanks for your views, comments and likes ...
Ethan plays LEGO Worlds (#2) - MY PET DRAGON! EthanGamer
4 years back
Ethan plays LEGO World Part 2 - My first PET DRAGON!!!! Thanks for all your views, comments and likes :) LEGO Worlds #1 - ...
Avengers Endgame No Spoilers Nerf Battle! Ethan Vs. Cole RC Car Mayhem. ExtremeToys TV
6 months back
Avengers Endgame came out and Cole hasn't seen it yet. Ethan tries to ruin the movie for him by telling him spoilers! So Cole gets busy with his Fortnite AR-L ...
Extreme Lemonade Stand! Sneak Attack Squad Starts a Business! ExtremeToys TV
3 weeks back
The Sneak Attack Squad extreme lemonade stand is open for business! Ethan decides to open a business and Cole want's to join. But their lemonade recipe ...
Robot Santa Claus Nerf Battle! Holiday Cyborg Attacks Ethan and Cole! ExtremeToys TV
2 years back
Ethan and Cole end up on the naughty list! And Robot Santa Claus is here to deal with it! It's a Nerf blasting good time! Robo Claus attacks the Christmas tree ...
Ethan maluje domek i uczy się kolorów - ucz się kolorów z Ethanem Śmieciarką Ucz się z Dino | bajka edukacyjna dla dzieci
2 years back
Ethan to mała ale bardzo aktywna wywrotka. Zawsze gotowy jest na nowe przygody i stara się uczyć najwięcej jak tylko może poprzez gry i zabawy. Podczas ...
Grounded! April Fools Prank Gone Wrong! Mom put me in Time Out! Ethan Fineshriber
7 months back
My mom totally grounded me for pulling some April Fools pranks on her. I guess next time I need to make sure I have my dates right. I thought this would be a ...
Ethan plays LEGO Worlds (#1) EthanGamer
4 years back
Ethan plays LEGO Worlds. Hey gamers, this is my first play on the awesome new game from LEGO!! In this episode I explore my first world. I find some treasure ...
Weird Creature Falls from the Sky! Ethan and Cole Nerf Battle Alien! ExtremeToys TV
5 months back
The sky is falling! Not really, but a crazy creature falls from it! The Sneak Attack Squad has to jump into action armed with their Fortnite Nerf blasters and battle ...
2 years back
In today's Roblox video I become TRAPPED inside ROBLOX HQ and I need to ESCAPE!! Lets play Roblox! Subscribe for new Roblox videos!
We Pranked Ethan Fineshriber! Payton Delu
5 months back
This is an ad for Goldfish Epic Crunch and Goldfish Robot Crunchers. Learn more about Goldfish Epic Crunch here: and Goldfish ...
Sneak Attack Squad Nerf Rival Pool Battle! Fancy Ethan Vs. Cole in a Mansion! ExtremeToys TV
4 months back
Classic Ethan Vs. Cole Nerf battle! Ethan has the task of watching rich grandma's house! And decides he wants the mansion all to himself. Cole decides thats not ...
Ninja Kids Help Ethan and Cole Defeat the Wampa Snow Beast with Nerf Rival! ExtremeToys TV
4 months back
Ninja Kids TV come to the Sneak Attack Squad's house to help them defeat the legendary Yeti! Or is it a snow beast, or a Wampa from Star Wars? Whatever it is ...
Ethan Gamer Fans Minecraft World 2.0!! EthanGamer
5 months back
Minecraft turned 10 this month and what better way to celebrate than to start a new Fans Minecraft World! I'm calling this Ethan Gamer Fans Minecraft World 2.0!
3AM Challenge Gone Wrong! Nerf Blaster Sabotage, Ethan and Cole Vs. Ghost! ExtremeToys TV
2 years back
Ethan and Cole tried the 3 AM challenge, and it wen't completely wrong! They seemed to have summoned some spirit to attack mom and dad! Nothing their Nerf ...
Ethan plays Monster Mingle (iPad/iOS/Android) EthanGamer
4 years back
Ethan plays Monster Mingle on the iPad. Watch me build cool and funny monsters. Thanks for all your views, comments and likes! Game Description Build your ...
Ethan and Cole Set a Trap for the Backyard Mystery Creature! ExtremeToys TV
9 months back
The backyard mystery beast has returned! This time the Sneak Attack Squad sets a trap. Unfortunately, there is a pack of wild coyotes that want to cause trouble.
Night of the Dragamonz! Mysterious Eggs Hidden Surprise! ExtremeToys TV
2 weeks back
dragamonz #spinmaster Get your Dragamonz here: Watch the Dragamonz animated show: Thanks to ...
Crush Reveal Backflip Challenge Bryton vs Ethan - Loser Reveals Crush Ethan Fineshriber
2 months back
How do two Ninja Kids battle it out over revealing their crush? Have an epic Backflip challenge! Ethan and Bryton have an epic 5 on the line backflip challenge ...
Famous YouTubers Control Bryton and Ethan for 24 Hours - Ninja Kids Ethan Fineshriber
4 months back
Ninja Kids Bryton Myler and Ethan Fineshriber found their day controlled for the whole 24 hours by famous YouTubers. While at the Clamour Convention ...
Sneak Attack Squad gets Hacked! Ethan and Cole Nerf Battle with The Venom! ExtremeToys TV
1 years back
The Sneak Attack Squad has been hacked! Can Ethan and Cole find out who The Venom is? The clone machine mysteriously makes a bunch of exercise balls!
Epic Movie Time With Ethan and Cole! Bazooka Blast Vs. Bottle Flip Challenge Sneak Attack Squad
3 months back
Today the Sneak Attack Squad is watching some old Extreme Toys TV videos to see what their reaction to them is. Ethan and Cole haven't watched these videos ...
Ethan's Tagalog Joke Compilation (Volume 2) Ethan's World
3 years back
This is a compilation of all of Ethan's Tagalog Jokes so far!
Ethan's TAGALOG Joke Compilation (Volume 1) Ethan's World
3 years back
Tagalog Joke Time Compilation (Volume 1) This is a compilation of all of Ethan's Tagalog Jokes and welcomes the new series: Joke Time!
Bihag: Buhay si Ethan! | Episode 54 (with English subtitles) GMA Network
4 months back
Aired (June 17, 2019): Nakita ni Jessie si Ethan sa swimming pool kung saan sila nagbabakasyon ni Liza, na naging dahilan para subukan niyang habulin ito at ...
We Are ATA: Ethan's Story | ATA Martial Arts ATA Martial Arts
1 years back
ATA International is the largest taekwondo organization in the world, with over 1500 independently owned and operated schools and clubs and hundreds of ...
Ran into my Crush Halloween Shopping - SO Embarrassing! Ethan Fineshriber
2 months back
The worst thing ever happened, I accidentally ran into my crush while Halloween shopping with my mom! My MOM! How terrible is that?! It was super ...
H3 Podcast #11 - Ethan's Parents H3 Podcast
2 years back
Thank you to our sponsors! MERCH........ Watch LIVE ...
Carl and Ethan Together!! They Hate Eachother! Burning Shadows Prerelease Kits Opening!! Epic Pulls! HardCorllector
2 years back
It was bound to happen....the Moment you have all been waiting for is here!! Ethan and Carl cross paths once again!!! We normally don't film them both in one ...
The New Babysitter! Ethan and Cole Nerf Battle their other Aunt! ExtremeToys TV
1 years back
The Sneak Attack Squad gets in to a Nerf battle with the babysitter again! This time it's with their Aunt Jacey! The Nerf battle gets intense when the boys sneak in ...
Missing Minnesota boy found: Ethan and Remmie thank volunteer searchers FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul
2 days back
6-year-old Ethan thanks the 650 volunteers searchers who helped find him and his dog Remmie after they went missing after getting off the school bus in Becker ...
Teleport Trouble! Crazy Nerf Battle with Ethan and Cole ExtremeToys TV
1 years back
Cole tries to use the teleport blaster, and it seem's to be broken. So he decides to fix it in to a teleport machine! It becomes a Sneak Attack Squad Nerf battle ...
Types of Back to School Kids Ethan Fineshriber
2 months back
Ethan Fineshriber profiles different types of back to school kids in this super funny video of back to school student stereotypes. Are you the shy kid or are you the ...
Ethan and Cole try to Capture the Easter Bunny! X-Shot Holiday Hustle! ExtremeToys TV
6 months back
Happy Easter Sneak Attack Squad! Armed with their brand new X-shot Ninja blasters Ethan and Cole try to capture the Easter bunny! Up to their usual tricks, this ...
Ethan plays LEGO Worlds (#3) - BURNARD! BAZOOKA!! EthanGamer
4 years back
Ethan plays LEGO Worlds Part 3 - I meet Burnard and I find lots of awesome stuff like a BAZOOKA in the new updated version of LEGO Worlds!!!! Thanks for all ...
The Mummy Awakens! Ethan and Cole Battle the Ancient Beast! ExtremeToys TV
1 years back
Spooky Fest continues in this epic mummy showdown! Ethan must save Cole from the creepy creature using his Nerf blasters and Sneak Attack Squad training.
New Nerf Blaster Battle! Ethan Attacks Cole with Nerf Modulus Longstrike. ExtremeToys TV
9 months back
Cole comes home from school and finds Ethan waiting to attack with a Nerf Longstrike! Too bad he has a Nerf Rukkus hidden in his room. The Sneak Attack ...
Jessie takes advantage of Ethan | The General's Daughter (With Eng Subs) ABS-CBN Entertainment
4 months back
Depressed with what happened between her and Corazon (Eula Valdes), Jessie (Ryza Cenon) vents out her frustrations to Ethan (JC de Vera.) (With English ...
Ethan Hawke & Ben Dickey discuss BLAZE - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) KEXP
1 years back
http://KEXP.ORG presents Ethan Hawke & Ben Dickey discussing the movie "Blaze" and performing songs by Blaze Foley live in the KEXP studio. Recorded ...