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The Bob Emergency: a study of athletes named Bob, Part I | Chart Party SB Nation
6 months back
More than 10000 people named Bob have entered the world of sports. Today, there are only nine. Bobs are special people, and in losing them to retirement, we ...
The search for the saddest punt in the world | Chart Party SB Nation
8 months back
To punt is to give up, and in the 21st century, NFL teams have given up nearly 50000 times. Most of those punts were reasonable decisions. But a few were so ...
The Browns live in Hell | Chart Party SB Nation
2 years back
In the season finale of Chart Party, we finally visit the Browns, who are doomed to toil in football agony until the end of time. Subscribe: ...
Let's talk about Colin Kaepernick | Chart Party SB Nation
2 years back
A common argument we hear these days is that Colin Kaepernick isn't good enough to play in the NFL. This is absolutely not true. Subscribe: ...
The history of every NFL team | Chart Party SB Nation
2 years back
Some NFL teams are kind of predictable. Others win and lose in ways that defy explanation. This is a scroll through nearly a thousand years of combined NFL ...
Every NFL Score Ever | Chart Party SB Nation
3 years back
Scorigami is the art of achieving a final score in an NFL game that has never happened before. It is a term made up by Jon Bois, a concept perfected by Pete ...
The NCAA tournament is a loser machine | Chart Party SB Nation
2 years back
The college basketball postseason is based on two lies. The first is that anyone can win a championship. Admittedly, that's more of a fib - mathematically true, but ...
Kickoffs are stupid and bad | Chart Party SB Nation
2 years back
The NFL kickoff is the stupidest play in sports. It's boring, bad, dangerous, and pointless, and we've got to get rid of it. Subscribe: Check out ...
What if Barry Bonds had played without a baseball bat? | Chart Party SB Nation
3 years back
In the boldest Chart Party simulation yet, we're sending Barry Bonds back in time to re-live every plate appearance of his historic 2004 season without a baseball ...
The saddest plate appearance of all time | Chart Party SB Nation
2 years back
You're a pitcher. You're pitching against someone who has never batted before, and isn't even trying to swing. All you have to do is throw three strikes over the ...
Chart Party: My favorite worst baseball player Jon Bois
3 years back
Jeff Francoeur's start was historically great, and the rest of his career has been historically not. but through it all, he remains. he is my favorite baseball player. for ...
Chart Party: We decided to erase the three-pointer Jon Bois
3 years back
some people told me they didn't like the three-pointer. so i went back and re-scored the entire NBA 2015-16 season without it. special thanks to ...
One of the all-time greatest NFL teams didn't even make the playoffs | Dorktown SB Nation
2 months back
Even the greatest teams are only a handful of disastrous plays away from missing the playoffs entirely. We'll prove it. In fact, the 2010 San Diego Chargers ...
Chart Party: The Terrelle Pryor problem Jon Bois
3 years back
the 2016 Browns are facing a problem with their depth chart that no NFL team has ever had to deal with. their wide receiver can also play quarterback. that only ...
How NBA offenses got impossible to defend | Drawing Board SB Nation
2 years back
For four straight seasons from 2010 to 2013, no team in the NBA averaged 110 points per game. The 2014-15 Warriors did on their way to the title, then the ...
The Bob Emergency: a study of athletes named Bob, Part II | Chart Party SB Nation
5 months back
Miss part 1? Watch it here: For more than a century, many of our greatest sports heroes were named Bob. It seemed as though that ...
What if Shaq missed all 11,252 of his free throws? | Dorktown SB Nation
2 years back
Shaq's free throw struggles are well documented, so we decided to find out what his career would have looked like if he'd never made a single one. Conclusion: ...
4 years back
written and produced by Jon Bois at music: "I Can't Wait" by Nu Shooz.
Chart Party: We ranked every NCAA FBS football team by its mascot's weight Jon Bois
3 years back
written and researched by SB Nation's Peter Berkes and Jason Kirk. charted and produced by Jon. previously in Chart Party, we erased the three-point line from ...
The Rockets rode 3-pointers from the highest of highs to the depths of Hell | Dorktown SB Nation
1 years back
The Houston Rockets have created an offensive system and identity based nearly exclusively on taking shots from either right at the rim or from super far out.
Party Tonight Chart StaticFanfare
5 months back
Here it is:
222-0. PRETTY GOOD, EPISODE 10. Jon Bois
3 years back
"Beatdown" isn't the word. Neither are "rout" or "clobbering." The word to describe what Georgia Tech's football team did to Cumberland does not exist, because ...
PRETTY GOOD, S2 E1: "NO!!!!!!" Jon Bois
4 years back
Pretty Good is a series about stories that are pretty good. it is written, illustrated, animated, and edited by Jon Bois. more episodes of Pretty Good can be found ...
Adam Dunn had the weirdest career in MLB history | Dorktown SB Nation
1 years back
In all of baseball history, you'd be hard pressed to find a statistically weirder career than Adam Dunn's. The king of the Three True Outcomes, Dunn was both ...
Rickey Henderson crushed souls with unprecedented efficiency | Dorktown SB Nation
1 years back
Rickey Henderson revolutionized baseball throughout the '80s and '90s. He got on base at will, and once there, played chess on the basepaths while everyone ...
3 years back
the 1904 Olympic marathon was a story of fraud, thievery, raw eggs, rat poison, food poisoning, liquor, feral dogs, and at least three separate incidents of ...
Charty Party Kickstarter Video Evan Katz
8 months back
Charty Party, the game of absurdly funny charts.
What was the Worst Anime Season Ever? | Anime Chart Party S1ap
2 years back
On a quest to find when the now rigid anime seasonal release schedule became a thing, I thought to myself, "Well, which one was the worst?". I set out to answer ...
Randall Cunningham Seizes the Means of Production | Pretty Good, Episode 13 SB Nation
2 years back
In 1987, Philadelphia Eagles coach Buddy Ryan and quarterback Randall Cunningham ran the most unsportsmanlike play in NFL history. The Dallas Cowboys ...
DJ-Chart Party Disco House Feiyr
5 years back
DJ-Chart new single Party with a preview sample. Buy this Disco House records from DJ-Chart - Party: DJ-Chart at Amazon: ...
Talk to Random in game...Without a chart party Agent Wop
2 weeks back
How to talk to random players while in a match. Please share so everybody turns on their chat. And hit that like button SHAREfactory™ ...
KHS Anchor Chart Party/ One Book, One Staff: You Got This! Kick Off Event Theresa Staley
1 years back
The teachers at Kathleen High School collectively gathered to create and use anchor charts as an instructional tool towards student autonomy! The teaching ...
Constitutional Court rules to dissolve Thai Raksa Chart Party NBT WORLD
7 months back
The Constitutional Court today ruled to dissolve the Thai Raksachart Party and imposed a ban on 14 of its board members from establishing a new political party ...
Eric Volpatti - Swift Glitter (as heard in Chart Party) tangeruse
10 months back
special thanks to Jon Bois for providing music credits ~ ~ ~ ~
1 live chart party IchBinMaler
11 years back
1 live chart party.
Chart party 25 th September. Mim Ali
3 weeks back
Video from Annie.
Bitcoin Chart Party Targets ready to Hit Jim of All Trades
2 weeks back
[email protected] = for information on the Jim of All Trades Patreon Trading Group Join the Trading team -
1Live Chart Party Grefrath 20.08.2016 CNG Event Pics
3 years back
1Live Chart Party in Grefrath mit den 1LIVE-DJs Jan-Christian Zeller und Tobi Schäfer.
8 years back NOAM ZADA'S BIRTHDAY MESS Saturday |22.10 | 20:00 | Maxim Club | 48 King George St | TLV ...
1 years back
We're making a super easy DIY GOLD Glam Wedding Seating Chart. This easy DIY seating chart is so easy to make and is also super affordable ! It is great for ...
Chart Party - WSW Samuel Bray
2 years back
My best yet?
Troy State 253, DeVry 141 | Pretty Good, Episode 12 SB Nation
3 years back
In 1992, Troy State and DeVry (yup, that DeVry, the one from the commercials) were scheduled to play a game of basketball. What they actually played was part ...
3 weeks back
Elliott Wave Analysis for ALTS and their correlation with Bitcoin. [email protected]
Breakdown & Basics of an Astrological Birth Chart Party Trick Astrology
2 years back
BOOK A READING: Find Your Moon Sign Here: Nina's Instagram: ...
Joel Corry chats Chart smash single 'Sorry' and Flashes ABS @ Perfect Havoc Party Distract TV
3 weeks back
Smash hit single 'Sorry' has had over 1 million YouTube streams to date and still climbing the UK charts! Distract's Danni chats to the Reality TV superstar turned ...
Thai Raksa Chart Party on verge of dissolution EFE in English
8 months back
Bangkok (Thailand), Feb 13 (EFE/EPA).- The Election Commission of Thailand announced Wednesday that it is seeking the dissolution of the party that recently ...